Heinrich Lüber, Performance, 11th October 2002, Maag-Areal, K3
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with Heinrich Lüber, Jürg Halter and Clare Goodwin
K3 have had their first performance evening - An Autumn Night Extravganza. The evening began with Jürg Halter standing in the goods lift at K3, reading his own text. With a twenty minutes break Halter performed four texts in differnet locations around the K3 space: "on the sofa", "behind the plant", "on stage". For the whole evening Swiss Performer Heinrich Lüber was suspended in an observational position high up on a fork lift truck, speaking all the time. his random words where broadcast over a loudspeaker. At the end of the evening Clare Goodwin, known as Sister Goodwin for this event ,read the classic fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, The Frog Prince (Der Frosch Prinz). The tale was translated by the artist into 'Goodwins Budget Language', a new created language. A huge pot of soup kept the audience and performers happy and warm.
12.10.2002, sp