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FREITAG collabaration - Hand Luggage, 5th April 2003
Hand Luggage
April 5th - 6th 2003
Sponsored by FREITAG, in collaboration with K4
Curated by Clare Goodwin and Rebecca Geldard
David Cotterrell, Craig Fisher, Lothar Goetz, Paul Harper, Keran James, Tom Humphreys, Lee Maelzer, Niamh McCann, Marjolaine Ryley, John Strutton, Debbie Swann. // Special guests: Yan Duyvendak, 'mit' and Abigail Reynolds

Hand Luggage is a group exhibition of works by British and Swiss artists, which will last for just 22 hours, closing 5pm Sunday April 6, 2003.
Eleven British artists and Swiss performance artists have been selected by K3 for their abilities to respond in an immediate and inventive way to this temporary project – Hand Luggage.

Artists from Great Britain are invited to bring their proposed work to Zurich in person, by plane, using a ‘Top Cat’ Freitag bag to transport the work (50cm x 60cm) The artists will install/construct their work on the spot in the K3 Project Space, one or two days prior to the opening. In committing themselves to bringing their work over, the artists are responsible to taking their work back after the exhibition closes on the 6th April.
While in transit, the work must not exceed the size of the bag or the normal Hand Luggage weight of 5kg, but can exceed these dimensions once constructed within the space. All materials must be taken from the artist’s individual bags with the exception of tools, glue, brushes and other essential equipment, which K3 will provide.

In contrast to the works brought over as Hand Luggage, Geneve based artist Yan Duyvendak will perform You invited me, don’t you remember? In this twenty minute performance that takes place in the factory storage space of the Freitags K4, he frees himself from image, turning instead to film soundtracks as the basis for his performance.
Jogging from her home at the Grunau, Zurich based artist group ‘mit’ will arrive as planned at 7.30pm, look around the Hand Luggage show, then jog back to the Grunau. Mit is fit! This playful physical intervention will connect K3’s diverse project space with the complementary factory space of K4.

Yan Duyvendak co-production, Stiftung Kunst Heute, Bern and Centre pour l'Image Contemporaire (sgg*) Saint-Gervais Gènève.

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