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'Der Kleine Kunstsammler
A special weekend event for parents and friends wishing to introduce contemporary art to a young eye. ' presents a number of original art works by established artists living in Zurich (who are parents themselves). Made specifically for this project, some of the works will have clear traces of the artist's style, whilst other works may be more playful with the artist stepping out of their usual practice. With a salon-style presentation K3 invites you to join a relaxed child-friendly event. All works are available to buy at an affordable price.

Works by - Reto Boller, Françoise Caraco, Teresa Chen, Cornelia Gann, Tatjana Gerhard, Clare Goodwin, Co Gruendler, Michael Günzburger, Monica Germann & Daniel Lorenzi, Andrea Heller, Chantal Hoefs, Thilo Hoffmann, San Keller, Anne Lorenz, Zeljka Marusic, Andreas Marti, Elodie Pong, Gert Rappenecker, Susanne Sauter, Dimitrina Sevova, Loredana Sperini, Miriam Steinhauser, Annie Unsworth, Christian Vetter, Margot Zanni.

24.5.2011, sp