Hand Luggage
April 5th - 6th 2003
Sponsored by www.freitag.ch in collaboration with K4
Curated by Clare Goodwin and Rebecca Geldard
David Cotterrell, Craig Fisher, Lothar Goetz, Paul Harper, Keran James, Tom Humphreys, Lee Maelzer, Niamh McCann, Marjolaine Ryley, John Strutton, Debbie Swann.

7pm, K3, Opening event

Special guests
7.30pm, K3/K4 performance by ‘mit’, Jogging from her home at the Grunau to Maag Areal (Klodin Erb, Sabine Hagmann, Reula Michell, Eliane Rutishauser, Karoline Schreiber, Mirjam Staub, Theres Waeckerlin, Meret Wandeler, Agatha Zobrist, Hanna Zullig)
7pm -8.30pm, video screening in K4 bar by Abigail Reynolds, Wohnen fur Alle
8.30pm, K4, performance by Yan Duyvendak, You invited me don’t you remember?
9.30pm K4, live music performed by Car Crasherette

10.30pm-open end, K4, party with DJ’s and bar

Yan Duyvendak co-production, Stiftung Kunst Heute, Bern and Centre pour l''Image Contemporaire (sgg*) Saint-Gervais Gènève.

Party with www.djpatnightingale.com

K3 Report 11.3.2003
FREITAG collabaration - Hand Luggage, 5th April 2003 >>