Craig Fisher & Debra Swann
GLITCH / 11th May to 25th May 2003
VERNISSAGE: 10th May 2003, 7pm - open end, bar and music
With selected VIDEO artists at K4-Screen
Barbara Brugola(I) / Noel Dernesch(CH) / Effie Gibson (UK) / Solvej Dufour Andersen(DK) / Michael Grime and Will Alexander (UK) / Clare Goodwin(UK,CH) / Gustavo Hansson(CH) / Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay(CA) / Anina Schenker(CH) / Peter Stoffel(CH) Ursula Sulser(CH) Vittorio Santoro(CH)
many thanks to ''Freitag'' /

K3 has Bus-connection from the fleur du mal - Videopreis Boswil! Special Bus leaves Boswil at approx. 10.30 and stops at K3 approx. 11.15pm ( ). Many thanks to Oliver Kielmeyer!

At 2 pm ACT
Performacnes by Swiss Art Students

Visits of the show Glitch // Fisher / Swann by appointment, please call: 076 409 84 43

K3 Report 16.5.2003
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