Elizabeth McAlpine
*1973 uk

2000-2002 Slade School of Fine Art MFA Sculpture University College London.
1993-1996 Goldsmiths College Fine Art & Critical Theory BA University of London.

Solo Show
Time spent doing things backwards. Laura Bartlett Gallery, London. UK

Group Shows
Centrefold 4 “I think I’ll Speak Today” http://www.centrefolx.com
‘A Certain Tendency in Representation’ Curated by Francesco Manacorda, Thomas Dane Gallery. London. UK
Blind Spot, Tank.tv. www.tank.tv Uk
Young Masters. Curated by Flora Fairbairn 148a St Johns, London. UK
Galerie Nomadenoase. Andre Butzer & Thilo Heinzmann. Fortescue Avenue / Jonathan Viner. London. UK
All For Show. Curated by Lee Campell touring group show:
EDGE ZONES World Arts Building Miami. USA
Southern Exposure, San Francisco. USA.
Fahrenheit Gallery. Kansas City. Missouri. USA
THE PHYSICS ROOM, Christchurch, New Zealand NZ
LUMP Gallery/Projects, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Galerie Verticale, Quebec, Canida,
NEXUS Philadelphia. Philadelphia. USA.
Sudio 1.1 London UK
The Lump Gallery “Lost weekend’ Raleigh, North Carolina. USA
Multiplex film festival. Soap factory project space. Minneapolis, USA
Stella Artois After Dark Cinema, Manchester, Birmingham, UK
PLAGUE & Pestilence, curated by Laura Lord & Emily Wardill, Lime House Town Hall, London, UK

PILOT:01, Limehouse Town hall, London. wwww.pilotlondon.org UK
YAH Festival, Nottingham. www.yah.org.uk
Tank TV, ICA, London. UK
Wayne Rooney, VTO, London. UK
Itchy Park. curated by Laura Lord & Emily Wardill, Lime House Town Hall, London, UK
Mementoes and Other Curiosities. Curated by Flora Fairburn & Simon Day. Familioe Building, St Johns St, London. UK
seen…04, Leicester. UK

Tank.TV http://www.tank.tv
nth art exhibit.001, OLS&CO, London. UK
Reduced. Century Gallery. London. UK
Flinch, Seven Seven Gallery. UK
Hubbub, Globe Gallery, Newcastle. UK
It Ain‚t What You Do, 291 Gallery, London. UK
Perspective 2003, Ormeau Baths Gallery. Belfast. IR
ARTSHEFFIELD 03, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. UK

Film Festivals And Screenings
PureScreen DVD*01.
Studio Voltaire, London UK

PureScreen DVD*01.
Radiator festival, Nottingham. www.radiator-festival.org/newradiator/ UK
The Residence, London. www.residence-gallery.com/now.htm, UK
Antimatter Underground Film Festival,Canada, www.antimatter.ws/frameset.html
Catalyst Arts, Belfast. IR
Itau Cultural, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
AntiMatter Film Festival, Canada
Side Cinema, Newcastle, UK
UCLAN, Preston

'Out of Darkness' Screenings of artists’ video in cinemas throughout the Midlands
Light House Cinema Wolverhampton
mac Cinema Birmingham
The Old Market Hall Cinema Shrewsbury
Metro Cinema Derby
‘Video Visions’ is the ‘Edith Russ Site for Media Art’ http://www.oldenburg.de/edith-russ-haus/index-english.html
Slack Video. The Lamp, Hull
ART Sheffield 05. Light Reading Screening/ no.w.here lab. Site Gallery. Sheffield.
I love cinema and Cinema loves Me, Camden Art Centre, London

no.w.here launch. Kingsgate studios. London.
FIVU 04. Body, Image and Movement Festival. Uruguay
Portobello Film Festival. London www.portobellofilmfestival.com
Max5 Film festival. Café Gallery Projects, Southwark Park. London.
The moon will save our ass, PURESCREEN 5 Castlfield gallery, Manchester.
Home, Focal point gallery, South end on sea.
PURESCREEN event Folly, Castle Park, Lancaster.
Salon, S1 Projects, Sheffield.
Media Arts Festival Friesland. Netherlands.
Lonfest Film Festival, London.
PURESCREEN2, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

Critical Curtain, Bloomsbury Theatre, London.
Artists Publications
Centrefold 4 “I think I’ll Speak Today” http://www.centrefolx.com
Public commissions and Residencies
2003 Residency Commission Hildon Water, Hampshire.
2002 Public commission London Clinic, Harley Street, London.

Catalogue / Publications
I-D magazine Interview Jessica Lack September 2005. p.67
I-D magazine “All for Show” Review by Jessica Lack. July 2005. p.31
Time out. Review by Martin Herbert. June 8-15.2005 p.55
Guardian Guild. Preview by Jessica Lack. April 30th 2005
Photo-london Catalogue “Emerging Artists Presentations”

Elizabeth McAlpine is one of the founders and directors of PILOT.
PILOT is an independent not-for-profit initiative led by artists and independent curators, that provides a ongoing support network and annual large-scale independent forum for emerging artists who do not have commercial representation. www.pilotlondon.org