Jane Pollard
*1972 www.iainandjane.com

BA Fine Art and Art Theory - Goldsmiths
MA Fine Art – Goldsmiths
Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard met and began working collaboratively in 1993. They graduated together from Goldsmiths in 1995 and a day later were exhibiting in one of the late Joshua Compston’s now
legendary Shoreditch art events.
Their process-led practice was kick-started when they conceived and began publishing the objectbased magazine Words & Pictures – Ultra-Paranoid (Extra-Spatial) Portable Art! An interdisciplinary
approach to art, music, and ’liveness’ has led to their continued engagement with the soundtrack underpinning contemporary life. Their universal yet highly personal strategies play out ideas of memory, performance and the mediated image in a challenging
but highly accessible body of work.
They are pioneers of the recent trend exploring reenactment
as an artistic genre. Since The World Won’t Listen, their first live project in 1996, to their critically acclaimed A Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide and, more recently, their film File under Sacred Music, they have had the timing and insight to key into conte m p o r a ry society’s increasing engagement with simulation and artifice as a vital part of cultural and emotional expression.
In 2005 the artists recreated Vito Acconci’s Walk-Over (Indirect Approaches) working closely with PlanB, a young MC, to update the script and re-shoot the video liberally adopting the aesthetic of urban music videos. In September 2006 they present their most ambitious project to date, Silent Sound, at St.George’s Hall and Greenland Street, commissioned by A Foundation for the Liverpool Biennial.
Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard are represented by Kate MacGarry, London.

Liverpool Biennial. Greenland Street, Liverpool
Street: Behind the Cliché. Witte de With, Rotterd a m
neo-con. Apex Art, New York
Switch on the Power! CAAM, Las Palmas, and
Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria, Spain

Forsyth & Pollard Jerwood Space, London 2006
Anyone else isn’t you KIAD, Maidstone 2005
Forsyth & Pollard Kate MacGarry, London 2005
Anyone else isn’t you The Hospital, London 2005
Everybody else is wrong Pavilion, Montreal 2004
File under Sacred Music ICA, London 2003
A Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide ICA, London 1998
The kids are alright ICA, London 1998
The Smiths is dead ICA, London 1997
Doing it for the Kids Bluecoat, Liverpool 1997
The World Won’t Listen Underwood St, London ‘96
Switch on the Power! MARCO Spain 2006
Metropolis Rise: New Art from London China, 2006
Music For People DCA, Scotland 2006
Surfing The Surface Paolo Bonzano, Rome 2006
Change My Life Horsebridge, Whitstable 2006
Video London Espai Ubú, Barcelona 2005
Rhythm-A-Ning Context Gallery, Derry 2005
Rhythm-A-Ning Walton’s New School, Dublin 2005
Biennale! Temporarycontemporary, London touring
to Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and Canton 2005-6
VIPER Festival Basel 2004
Yugoslav Biennial Vrsac, Serbia & Montenegro 2004
Faraway So Close Bard CCS, New York 2004
This Much Is Certain RCA, London 2004
Artists Films About Music Culture NFT, London 2004
File under Sacred Music Schaufenster, Oslo 2003
Shooting Live Artists Site Gallery, Sheffield 2003
Modern Love Hobbypop Museum, Düsseldorf 2001
Century City Tate Modern, London 2001
Kill Yr Idols Laure Genillard Gallery, London 1999
Victoria Laurent Delaye, London 1997
Beck’s New Contemporaries Cornerhouse,
Manchester touring to London & Glasgow 1997-8
Yerself is Steam 85 Charlotte Street, London 1996
The Hanging Picnic Hoxton Square, London 1995