Brian Duggan
*1971 Ireland.

2005 ‘More Often than Most’, Pallas Heights, Dublin.
2005 ‘During the meanwhile’, Hugh lane Gallery, Off-site, Dublin.

2006 Mixed Pickles Overloaded, K3 project Space Zürich
2006 Braziers International, Oxfordshire, U.K.
2006 May, Darklight, selected artist, FILMOWA, kino Kijow, Krakow, Poland.
2006 ‘Dark’, VUSPACE, Melbourne, Australia
2006 BEFF 4, (touring from Thailand) RedCat Gallery, California Institute of Arts, LA, USA.
2006 ‘By diverse means we arrive at the same end’, CHQ, Docklands, Dublin
2005 Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, (Invited artist), BEFF4, Bangkok, Thailand.
2005 ‘All at once, together, at the same time’. COLONY, Birmingham U.K.
2005 ‘Offside’, Hugh Lane Gallery, invited to Curate and exhibit. 21 artists, Dublin.

2004 Darklight film festival, Dublin.
2004 Studio six. Temple Bar Gallery & studios. Dublin.
2004 ’60seconds’, 291 Gallery, London.
2004 Draíocht, ‘looking for the good life’, Dublin 15.
2004 EV+A, Municipal City Gallery, Limerick.
2003 Fresh fruit, Buckingham St. Dublin.
2003 New contemporary, William Frank Gallery, Dublin.
2002 Darklight Film Festival, Guinness C & C, Thomas St. Dublin.
2002 ‘Ferment’, Arc warehouse, whitworth rd, Dublin.
2002 Fresh Art Fair, BDC Islington, London.
2002 Precinct Belfast’, Catalyst, Belfast.
2002 EV+A, Municipal City Gallery, Limerick.
2002 ‘Vacationland’, Westbourne studios, London.
2001 ‘Crawford open’, Crawford Municipal gallery, Cork, Ireland.
2001 ’Platform 2001’, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick.
2001 ‘Sculpture in context’, Dublin Castle, , Dublin.
2001 ‘Vacationland’, Arthouse, Temple Bar, Dublin.
2001 ‘Convergence’, Arthouse, Temple Bar, Dublin.
2001 ‘its..’, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast, N.Ireland.
2001 ‘45’P, Bingo Hall Gallery, Manhattan, New York.

2000 ‘Precinct’, Various sites, Dublin.
2000 ‘Darklight’, Ennis, Co Clare.
2000 ‘Sculpture at Kells’, Augustan priory, Kilkenny.
2000 ‘The Rose Film Festival’, Tralee, Kerry
2000 ‘Tonic 2’, SSI, City Arts Centre, Dublin.
2000 ‘3345’, Film projections, Vicar St. Dublin.
2000 ‘Oscularious’, Galapagos, Manhattan, New York.
2000 ‘A view from the shore’, Portmarnock, Dublin.
2000 ‘Straylight’. Temple Bar Gallery. Dublin.
2000 ‘Ascend’. (Lightworks), Ballymun towers. Dublin.
2000 ‘Eject III’, Real Art Project, Limerick.
2000 Pallas 00’. Root, Brick lane. London.
1999 ‘Salon 99’, Pallas Studios, Dublin.
1999 ‘Coda 999’. Dublin Castle. Dublin.
1999 ‘PMT’, Root, brick lane. London.
1999 ‘PreMillenialTension’, Pallas studios, Dublin.
1998 AerRianta. Public Sculpture trail. Dublin Airport.
1998 ‘Underground Overground’. Pallas Studios, Dublin.
1998 ‘Emerging Irish Artists’. Connoisseur Gallery, London.
1998 HEAD 3:17’, G.O.D.(Photography ), Dublin.
1997 ‘Images of Ireland’. The Solar Gallery, London.
1996 ‘CEER’ Exhibition, The Crypt, Dublin Castle, Dublin.
1996/95 ‘The Print Gallery’, (ongoing) Kinsale, Cork.
1996 ‘360 degrees Torsion’, Art Hive, (Sculpture) Cork.
1996/95/94 ‘Arbutus show’, Montenottie, Ongoing group show. Cork.
1996 ‘Nine Irish Artists’, Churchill Hotel, London.
1994 ‘Fledglings’, Lavit Quay Gallery, Cork.
1994 ‘Cork / Krackow’. Art Hive, Cork.

PREVIOUS AWARDS ( individual )
2006, Arts Council of Ireland, Inward mobility, travel award.
2005, Arts Council of Ireland, Artist Bursary Award.
2003, Arts Council of Ireland, Artist residency Award.
2002, Arts Council of Ireland, Artist Bursary Award, May.
2002, Arts Council of Ireland, Artist ‘Go-See’ Award, Dublin / London.
2000, Arts Council of Ireland, Artist ‘Go See’ Award; Dublin / London.
1994, Crawford Award,CCAD, Sculpture presented to An Taoiseach.

2007 January, Centre Cultural Irlandais, 3 month Residency, Paris.
2006 Braziers international, International residency program, Oxfordshire, U.K.
2006 Residency, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, April.
2005 Residency, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, May.
2005 Sculptors Society of Ireland, Symposium, Burren Co. Clare. March.
2004 Thailand, 3 month Residency in conjunction with ‘Project 304’, Chang Mai and Bangkok.

Artist, Curator, Director of Pallas Studios, Director of Pallas Heights.

2005 M.A. IADT Dublin. N.C.E.A,
1995 B.A. Crawford C.A.D Cork. N.C.E.A,

Along with Mark Cullen.

Via- flat 30, Pallas Heights
SWARM-Vanessa O’Rielly- flat 29, Pallas Heights.
Metaphisical Longinings- Clodagh Emoe- flat 28, Pallas Heights
Fiction – Fergus Byrne- flat 25, Pallas Heights
‘By Diverse means we arrive at the same end’-CHQ- Dublin docklands, February 2006
Sea of Unknowing- Margaret O’Brien, Pallas Heights.
No Mans Land- Group exhibition, Pallas Heights.
Jessie Jones and Anna Boyle, Pallas Heights.
Eye of the needle, George Bolster. Pallas Heights.
The new spirit, Madeline Moore, Pallas Heights.
<Cosmic Annihilator, Mark Cullen, Pallas Heights.
APT 30, Pallas Heights..
Arrival, Brendan Early. Pallas Heights.
‘NOW:HERE’ Garrett Phelan. Pallas Heights.
‘PONR’ (point of no return) Pallas Heights.
‘Fresh Fruit…’ Pallas Heights.

2002 _‘Pallas @ Fresh Art Fair’, BDC Islington, London.
2002_ ‘Precinct Belfast’, Catalyst, Belfast.
2001_Irish Art Fair. Pallas Studios, RDS, Dublin.
2000_ ‘Precinct’, Dublin City & Project, Dublin
2000_ ‘Pallas 00’, Root, Brick lane. London.
1999_ ‘Salon 99’, Pallas Studios, Dublin.
1999_ ‘PreMillenialTension’, Root, Brick lane London.
1999_ ‘PreMillenialTension’, Pallas Studios, Dublin.
1998_ ‘Undergroundoverground’, Pallas Studios Dublin.
1994_ ‘360 Degrees Torsion’, Arthive, Cork.

Chang Mai Art Museum, Thailand, Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, National College Art and Design Dublin, Galway and Mayo Institute of Technology. Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. Ireland.

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