Vlad Nanca, Errorism, 2005
Vlad Nanca

Education: 1999-2001 Art University Bucharest, Photography and Video Department

Solo exhibitions:

2005 December, “Ups and Downs”, photography, H’art Gallery, Bucharest
2005 October, “Errorism”, # project, DSBA Gallery, Bucharest
2005 January, “Terrorism”, Sex Trade Gallery, Bucharest
2003 November, “Vlad Nanca lives and works in Romania”, 2020 Home Gallery, Bucharest
2003 March, “Down to Earth” CIRKUS Gallery, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia
2002 February, “Framing Huesca” public art project and exhibition , Huesca, Spain
2001 July, “Swing Me”, photography and installation, International Center for Contemporary Arts, Bucharest

Group exhibitions:

2006 Playing with terrorism, installation, Kunstleverein Malkasten, Dusseldorf, Germany
2006 Polish Year in Madagascar, installation, Madagascar / Atlas Stzuki Lodz, Poland
2006 February, “Black Box“, contemporary Romanian videoart, House of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic
2005 December, WeAreTheArtists: Mixed Pickels 1, K3, Zurich, Switzerland
2005 November, “Playing with Terrorism”, groups show, MASC Foundation, Vienna, Austria
2005 October, “Fake”, ATA Contemporary Art Center, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2005 July, On difference #1, Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany
2004 October, “Romanian artists (and not only) love Ceauşescu’s Palace?!”, Contemporary Art Museum, Bucharest
2004 September, “Lyon Septembre de la Photographie”
2004 June, Relocation Academy / Shake Society, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2003 April, took part with 3 individual projects in “Okuparte” festival, Huesca, Spain
2003 February, “Preview”, Kalinderu Medialab, Contemporary Art Museum, Bucharest

Other Projects:

2006 Curator of “Wait…” Marwan Anbaky, Alina Andrei, Tudor Ene, Tudor Prisacariu, Lucian Stan, photography exhibition at Galeria Noua
2005 May, ± 15 years / 2020 at Galeria Noua
2001 June, ‘I do not know what union I want to belong to anymore’, object insert in Idea (arts and society) magazine from Cluj, Romania
2004 May, ‘I do not know what union I want to belong to anymore’, billboard poster project, Bratislava, Slovakia
2004 April, Revolution Brand, performance at April Meetings, Belgrade, Serbia