Nick Laessing
*1973 Germany

1996-1999 Postgraduate Diploma Royal Academy Schools, London
1993-1996 BA Hons. Fine Art, Kingston University, Kingston-Upon-Thames
1995 Düsseldorf Art Academy, Germany
1992 Art/Design Foundation, Oxford Brookes University
Selected Group Exhibitions
Voice Figures,Performance, Münz Salon Berlin, 2006
Objet à part, La Gallerie, Noisy-le-Sec, Paris, 2006
The Medium and Daybreak, DVD screening by Olivia Plender, Castlefield
Gallery, Manchester, 2005
Group show, Forever and a Day, Berlin, 2005
40 Questions, curated by Gavin Wade Kunstlerhausbethanian, Berlin, 2005
Free Energy, Loop, Berlin, Germany 2004
Superbia, exhibition in Dublin housing estate Ireland 2003
Hobbypopmuseum, Tate Egg Live performance Tate Britain 2003
Octonion, Gallerie Guillaine Hussenot Paris France 2003
Sense of Wonder, Herzliya Museum of Art Israel 2002
Shine, The Lowry Manchester 2002
Die Perser, Munich Kammerspiele Germany 2002
HobbypopMuseum, Briggs Robinson Gallery New York USA 2001
White Rabbit, New Langton Arts San Francisco USA 2001
Furore, Vilma Gold Gallery, London, 2000
Candy, SCP Shoreditch, London, 2000
Nick Laessing, Ian Kiaer, Athanasios Argianas, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, 2000
Angel Island, NICC Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, 2000
New Contemporaries, Liverpool & London, 1999
Lustre, McMannus Galleries, Dundee, 1999
Change Is Good, Museum Friedericanium, Kassel, Germany, 1999
Kronos und Kairos, Museum Friedericanium, Kassel, Germany, 1999
Spiel Des Lebens, Hauptpost Düsseldorf, Germany, 1999
It Happens Every Day (ii), W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland, 1998
Solo shows Nick Laessing Center ,Berlin 2005
Nick Laessing, Mary Mary Glasgow 2005
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Awards Royal Academy Travel Scholarship 1999
British Institute Award 1999
Henry Moore Project Fund 1998
Ray Finnis Charitable Trust Award 1998
Collections James Moores, Frank Cohen