Eileen Simpson&Ben White 

Eileen Simpson & Ben White often work outside the gallery, preferring to work in other public spaces: on-line, in clubs, magazines, shops and cinemas. Recently they established Open Music Archive http://www.openmusicarchive.org a collaborative initiative to source, digitise and distribute out of copyright sound recordings, launched at Tate Britain as part of Open Congress http://opencongress.omweb.org/

The artists situate their art practice within the current discourse surrounding notions of authorship, ownership and distribution, reanimated by a porting of Free/Libre and Open Source software models to wider creative contexts.
The Open Music Archive collects creative works that are not owned by any one individual but held in common by society. Much of the music that has fallen out of copyright, although legally in the public domain, is tied to physical media (for example gramophone records) and locked away in archives or private collections. The aim of the archive is to digitise as much of this music as possible in order to free it from the constraints of a physical collection.
The archive distributes music freely and is built in open collaboration with others. It forms a site of exchange of knowledge and material and is a vehicle for future collaborations and distributive projects www.openmusicarchive/projects
Recent projects include Declose for Disclosures, Gasworks, London; Struggle in Jerash Makan House, Jordan; Stop. Move for Loose Booty (Vegas Gallery, London / Free Studios, Geneva / K3, Zurich); Clips Blips and Loops (Who Makes And Owns Your Work, Stockholm); Free-to-air (Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK); Screen Tests (in collaboration with Marysia Lewandowska & Neil Cummings British Art Show 6), and Leverage (Futuresonic).

Forthcoming projects include: Disclosures II The Middle Ages (Nottingham Contemporary offsite project) and Nought to Sixty (ICA, London)