Re-Cycle, 1980/2008
16 mm film loop
Guy Sherwin

Guy Sherwin studied at Chelsea School of Art London in the 1960s and became involved with the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative (now LUX) in the midseventies. He works mainly with 16mm film and uses multiple projectors, live interaction between performer and film, or physical interaction between
sound and image.

His films were included in Live In Your head (Whitechapel 2000), Shoot Shoot Shoot (Tate Modern 2002), A Century of Artists' Film & Video (Tate Britain 2003/04). Recent solo shows include Les Voutes Paris 2006, Ocularis New York 2006, Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels 2007, ACMI Melbourne 2008 and GOMA
Brisbane 2008.

He lives in London and teaches at University of Wolverhampton and
Middlesex University.