Live Electronic Dissections
Richard Crow
*1961 England

b. Sommerset, lives in London


2005 - 6 MA Sonic Arts, Middlesex University, London
1985 - 87 Studies in Theory and Practice of Electro-acoustic and Experimental music with Philipp Wachsmann, City Literary Institute, London

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2002 Lost Narratives, Spazio Arte and off site location, Rovereto, Italy. Curator: Lucia Farinati
2001 Arwo Bau, off site project, Siegfried Str 189, Berlin
1999 Executor, Blue Oyster Gallery and off site locations, Dunedin, New Zealand
Bad Habitus Project, John Paynter Gallery and Police Museum, Newcastle, Australia
1996 Grenzgänger, Artspace, Sydney
1993 Black Iris - Nigredo, 53 Cross St, London
The Institution of Rot, The Institution of Rot, London
1992 Surgery, The Institution of Rot, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 Love and Anarchy, K3 Project Space, Zurich. Curators: Lucia Farinati, Miriam Steinhauser
Radio Revolten, Arzthaus Mitte, Halle/Saale, Germany. Curators: Sabine Breitsmeter, Ralf Wendt, Johannes Wilms
Selected Works from the project EUROPART/25PEACES - Contemporary Art from Europe. Momentum, Vienna
2005 - 06 EUROPART/25 PEACES - Contemporary Art from Europe, off site project, Vienna & Salzburg. Curators: Walter Seidl, Ursula Maria Probst
2005 Gender Trouble (with Natalia Mali), Ist Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art at Petrovka, Moscow. Curator: Ludmila Bredikhina
Sound Art Museum, Radio Arte Mobile, Rome. Curators: Lorenzo Benedetti, Riccardo Giagni, Cesare Pietroiusti
2004 Breaking the Visual, Pavelhaus, Laafeld/Potrna, Austria. Curator: Walter Seidl
Club Esther, Five Years, London, Curators: Marc Hulson, Esther Planas
Poupees, Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris. Curator: Allen S.Weiss
2003 Definitively Provisional, Whitechapel Project Space, London. Curators: Cecilia Canziani, Kristine Wilkenshildt
South Walk, off site project, London. Curators: Louise Garrett, Em Druiff
2002 Multiples X: A Retrospective to date. London Print Studio Gallery, London. Curator: Paul O’Neil
Shock & Show - Reality and Alternatives, Trieste, Italy. Curator: Maria Campitelli
2001 The Difference Between You & Us, Five Years, London
2000 The Plot, Five Years, London as part of Not I at Mellow Birds, London. Curator: Pieter Hensen
Not I, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast. Curator: Pieter Hensen
1999 Multiples x 3, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. Curator: Annie Fletcher
Very Private, Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. Curator: Vanesa Cvahte
Among Others 3, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna. Curator: Daniela Swarowsky
Not I, Consortium, Amsterdam. Curator: Pieter Hensen
Life/Live, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon/Musée d’Art Modern de la Ville de Paris, Paris. Curators: Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Lawrence Bossé
1996 The Noisiness of Bodies, The Institution of Rot, London. Curator: Richard Crow

Selected Performances

2006 Ancolie, South London Gallery, London (forthcoming)
2005 Speaker, stain, silence, Prefix Gallery Audio Room, Toronto as part of AGM 05 - Silence, hosted by SOUNDplay 05. Curators: Alfredo Cramerotti, Iben Bentzen

Sleeping Dogs Lie - Part 2 (Untitled), with e-Xplo, as part of Navigate, off site project, Newcastle. Curators: Forma, Amino, Baltic, Michelle Hirschhorn
2004 Suddenly last summer...., sound performance, as part of Beating Around the Bush, Secret Garden, South London Gallery, London. Curators: MA Creative Curating Goldsmiths College
2003 And the wind is blowing from the left, sound performance (for Natalia Mali, as part of Frontiers of Childhood, Artek Gallery, London
Base Material (Schreber), sound performance, with dy’na:mo, Fluc, Vienna
2002 Derelicht, sound performance, with Paul Obermayer, Sound 323, London
Executor, for Shock & Show, Teatro Stabile Sloveno, Trieste, Italy. Curator: Maria Campitelli
Kind Feelings, with Natalia Mali, Galerie Ost/Francia, Moscow
Russian Picnic, with Natalia Mali, as part of Screening, Performance, Dust, Music, Five Years, London
2001 The Lovers, PAKT, Hagelberger Str 53/54, Berlin
A03 live, sound performance, with Heimo Lattner, N.I.C.J.O.B. and others, as part of Sound Art Media, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
2000 Crow and Mamma for Don’t Say Maybe (DSM) - Collective Dwelling Unit #4, ICA, London. Curators: Heimo Lattner, Daniela Swarowsky
Theurgy - Messe Basse, for Deptford X, off site location, London. Curators: Gina Casseta, Francesca Vilalta
Crow and Mamma, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
1999 Howard Hughes: My Father, Warhol Polaroids exhibition, John Paul Getty Foundation, Los Angeles (with make up artist Adrienne Houlé)
Black Friday/Music for strings, with Danny Butt and Micheal Morley (The Tanaka - Nixon Meeting), derelict cinema, Cambridge, New Zealand
Sleep, Re-generation and the Spectre of Cinema, DEKKA (derelict supermarket and cinema), Dunedin, New Zealand, (with Sandoz Lab Technicians and Michael Morley)
1998 Reality Check, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (with Anna Scheer)
1997 Bad Habitus, Police Museum (prison exercise yard and padded cell), Newcastle, Australia
1996 Theurgy - Messe Basse, The Performance Space, Sydney (as part of 100 years of Cruelty Conference on Antonin Artaud)
Theurgy - Messe Basse, The Institution of Rot, London (as part of the The Noisiness of Bodies)
1995 Blind site - Death words, Roxy, Prague (with Nick Couldry)
Royal Sweat Bath, Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen (with Nick Couldry and Adam Bohman)
Lecture, Jibby’s Arts Club, London (with Adam Bohman and Pen McGhie)
Imperial Wardrobe, Heinrich Roller Str 1, Berlin (with Nick Couldry and Tobias Laukemper)
1994 Music for blind limbs, The Institution of Rot, London (with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie)
1993 Bar Godot, as part of Beckett Late Nights, Volksbühne, Berlin (with Roland Brus and Carl Hegemann)
1993-94 Klammer auf Klammer zu: Ratten Nagen Beckett, as performer with Die Ratten, Director: Roland Brus. Premiered Beckett Late Nights, Volksbühne, Berlin, toured Karlsruhe, Paris and Parma
1992 Hospital of the Soul #1, London Filmmakers’ Co-op, London (with Adam Bohman, Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer)
1989 Live Electronic Dissections #3, ICA, London (as Diastolic Murmurs)

Curatorial Projects

1996 Curator, Four Humours and The Noisiness of Bodies, The Institution of Rot, London, supported by London Arts Board (Literature Live & Live Art Venue Development)
1993 The Institution of Rot with Nick Couldry, supported by London Arts Board (Research and Development) as part of London’s Secret spaces


2006 Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art (MAK), Vienna
2005 Private Collection, Rome
1999 Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
Private Collections, Dunedin, New Zealand
Consortium, Amsterdam

Selected Audio Works

2006 Imaginary Hospital Radio, Institution of Rot, London (CD-R, unlimited edition)
Speaker, stain, silence, Institution of Rot, London (CD-R, unlimited edition)
2005 Hospital/Radio (with Douglas Park), on Soundworks – For those that have ears, Art Trail Publications, Cork, Ireland (Book/CD)
2004 Medical Instrumentation, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman), Dia/07, London (7 CD-R boxed set)
2002 Crow and Mamma (extract), on Underwood Audio - Compactdisk 2, Underwood Audio, London (Book/CD, edition of 2000)
2000 Mr White, with Michael Morley, Artists at Work/Site 2000, Dunedin, New Zealand (CD with accompanying text by Edward Scheer, edition of 1000)
Kantine/feeds 1-7, in collaboration with Clive Graham, Heimo Lattner and Kaffe Matthews, on AO3 - Audio-Visual Documents, Durian Records, Vienna (Booklet/CD, edition of 2000)
1999 Crow and Mamma, Institution of Rot, London (CD, signed edition of 23, Artists multiple for exh. Multiples x 3 at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin)
1998 Erethisma, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman), Dia/06, London (CD-R, unlimited edition)
1995 Music for blind limbs, (with Marie Gabrielle Rotie), on Variations - A London Compilation, Paradigm Discs/PD O1, London (CD, edition of 1000)
1993 Hospital of the Soul #1, Diastolic Murmurs/Furt, Vintage Productions/VNTG17, London (Audio cassette, Unlimited edition)
1990 Live Electronic Dissections 4 / Hyperaesthesia, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman) Dia/05, London (Audio cassette, limited edition of 20)
Nervenkrankheiten, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman), Dia/04, London (Audio cassette, limited edition of 20)
Purgations (flushed)1 x 10, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman) Dia/03, London (Audio cassette, limited edition of 20)
Live Electronic Dissections 1 & 2, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman, Dia/02, London (Audio cassette, limited edition of 20)
1987 Electro-Medicine, Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman), Dia/01, London (Audio cassette, limited edition of 20)

Awards & Residencies

2005 - 6 Professional Preparation Master’s scheme, AHRC, Bristol
2003 Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Awards, London
Millennium Awards, Peabody Trust, London
2002 Grants to Artists, British Council, London
Go Travel Grant, London Arts (Moscow)
2001 Leonardo da Vinci European Stipendium (Berlin)
1999 Artists at Work, Artist Residency Programme of Otago Polytechnic School of Art, Dunedin, New Zealand
(supported by Creative New Zealand and The British Council, New Zealand)
1998 Art and Interdisciplinary Practice Travel and Research (Berlin), Arts Council of England
1997 Commissioned Installation Artist, The Festival of Perth, Perth, Australia - Goethe Institut, Sydney
Visiting Research Artist, Department of Drama & Faculty of Art and Design, University of Newcastle, Australia
Commissioned Installation Artist, as part of New Images, The Festival of Perth - The British Council, Australia
1996 International Artist-in-Residence, Artspace, Sydney
1995 Live Art Travel and Research (Berlin and Prague), Arts Council of England


2004 Copy Art Net, New Media Centre, ICA, London (
2001 Three one minute films made for Minute by Minute (, Producers: Desperate Optimists

Selected Radio

2005 Soundworks Broadcasts, (presented by Danny McCarthy), Cork Campus Radio 9.7.4 FM, Cork
10R Archive presents The Adam Bohman Talking Tapes, for Resonance FM, London (two series vol 1 & 2 ) episodes
2003 South Walk (with Louise Garrett), for Resonance FM, London


2005 Artist talk, General Public, Berlin
Presentation of IOR Archive material, as part C of the Willing – a 24 hour event with 16 Beaver (New York) and students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art, London
Presentation/Net Broadcast of IOR Archive material, Sound Art Museum, RAM, Rome (with Curator Lucia Farinati)
2004 On composing for a hospital radio or a short history of medical noise, Artist talk, Sound Works 2004, UCC, Cork, Ireland
2002 Artist talk, Theremin Centre for Electro-Acoustic Music, Moscow (with Natalia Mali)
Artist talk, Spider and Mouse Gallery, Moscow
2000 Visiting Tutor/Artist talk, M.A. Fine Art, University of Ulster, Belfast
Artist talk, B.A. Fine Art, London Guildhall University, London
1999 Artist talk/lecture/personal tutorials, B.A. Design & Critical Studies, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
Artist talk, Media Arts, The Waikato Polytechnic, Hamilton, New Zealand
Artist talk, School of Architecture, Wellington, New Zealand
Performance Workshop and Student clinic at School of English, Film and Theatre, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Artist talk, The Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand
Lecture series/personal tutorials, Visitors Programme Artists at Work, Otago Polytechnic School of Art, Dunedin, New Zealand
1998 Visiting Tutor, M.A. Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London
1997 Lecture for Performatrix Conference, Kampnagel, Hamburg
Lecture for Art(iculations) Conference, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia
Lecture/performance for Auto-manic Conference, University of Newcastle, Australia
1996 Artist talk for Contexture ’96 Visual Performance Degree show, Dartington College of the Arts, Totnes, Devon
1995 Representation through Intimacy (as The Institution of Rot), Lecture/performance (with Nick Couldry), B.A. Fine Art, Central St Martins’, London
Representation through Intimacy (as The Institution of Rot), Lecture/performance,
(with Nick Couldry, Adam Bohman & Paul Obermayer), B.A. Fine Art, Camberwell College of the Arts, London